SOTM 2009 and what followed

It’ s been a while since I posted anything here, but since I saw that OSI is probably going to sponsor another round of mappers to go to SOTM 2010 in Girona I felt like I need to share my experience from last year.

At first I wasn’t sure how things will be in Amsterdam as I didn’t know anybody except from the mailing lists. But I found some great people that drive forward a great project. I understood that OSM is interesting for a lot of companies, and that we can compare (in some areas at least) with the commercial providers, and we can even be better (see Muky Haklay’s blog). I’ve seen great progress across Europe and North America and some great starts in other areas, and great ways to add data to the project without the need of expensive equipment (yes, I am talking about Walking Papers).

What happened in Romania in the last 9 months? Well, probably not as much as I had hoped but we moved forward: we started with a few micro mapping-parties (Vaslui, Buzau and Ghimbav) and this month we had a huge mapping party in Cluj-Napoca, thanks to the community. We managed to continue the collaboration with Norc, that gave us access to more GPS data and a lot more street-view panoramas and we started to put together some money for OSM advertising (you can see the OSM banner at the Cluj-Napoca mapping party). There are some companies in Romania that are using OSM data and some of them are offering back services (like the transparent WMS service from AlphaTelecom).

Speaking just for myself I finally bought a bike (more on this subject in the next post) and finish mapping my home town (including most of the buildings). I am planning some small mapping parties in the country side with my friends as there is a lot of things to cover there. I also started a project based on OSM data that I believe will be helpful for everybody in Romania that has a car or a motorbike (it’s still in Alpha stage so I wouldn’t say anything else but watch this blog for a future announcement).

Overall I am happy with how things moved in Romania after SOTM 2009 and I hope that one of my Romanian fellow volunteers will be able to attend SOTM 2010 (I already registered for the conference and bought my plane tickets). See you there!

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  1. […] Elsewhere in India, Arun Ganesh does lament the long gestation of OpenStreetMap in India, though his strategy to increase visibility seems wise. Rather than focus on open data in the extract, he’s producing beautiful maps, especially of transit systems, that are only now possible with OSM data. Nic Roets is taking a similar tack in South Africa cooperating on mapping World Cup venues. Finally, Ciprian in Romania is collaborating with companies using OpenStreetMap. […]

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