Evoluția OpenStreetMap în România

Because this article was mentioned on OSM-talk mailing list I added the English translation of the post:

In order to help Eddy, who was invited to present OSM on the national TV channel, I took the scripts he used, and with little changes in order to fit my Mapnik installation I was able to generate a few movies with the OSM evolution in Romania. The results are not spectacular (compared to ITO World) but I think they show pretty well the work of so many people.

I have included the latest versions of the movies (in order: București, România, Galați, Timișoara and Caracal)

Pentru a-l ajuta pe Eddy, ce a fost invitat să prezinte OpenStreetMap pe postul național de televiziune, am preluat scripturile pe care le folosise el și cu mici modificări (necesare pentru a folosi instalarea proprie de Mapnik) am reușit să generez câteva filme cu evoluția proiectului OSM în România. Rezultatele nu sunt extraordinar de spectaculoase (vezi ITO World) dar cred că scot destul de bine în evidență munca atâtor oameni.

Mai jos am inclus ultimele versiuni ale filmelor (în ordine: București, România, Galați, Timișoara și Caracal):


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  1. Wow, foarte cool! Primele secunde din București cred că sunt doar eu (cam până a apărut centura) :).

  2. This is just great!!! Thank you for your post. Can you please give us specific information how you downloaded the script and how have you used it to get images from past?

    Thank you!

  3. Valent,

    The process I used was already described by Eddy Petrisor on Talk: http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk/2009-September/042646.html
    The key is the way we store the planet files in a git repository. This way we can easily get anywhere in time, and also keep the size to a minimum.

    You have the choice to so something similar, or you can modify the scripts to use gzip extracts of a country. I can help with the git import if needed.

    • I read Eddys message but as it explains how it functions it doesn’t help me reproduce it and make videos of my hometown.

      You probably have much more knowledge about postgresg and postgis and mapnik so some things maybe look trivial to you but are impossible for the resto of us to reproduce without some step-by-step instructions 😦

      How can I extract history of my home town of Osijek [1] from 2006 to present day?

      Do I need to setup my own git repository? Can I use yours? Is there an „official” OSM git repository?

  4. Despite what it looks like, I am NOT a PostGIS/Mapnik expert :), but I will try to create a tutorial that can be used by almost everyone. I will need a few days for this to be easy to follow.

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  6. Nu mas fii gandit

  7. Hi any progress? Maybe I can help you write this howto?

  8. Thank you in advance! Making videos from OSM progress is really cool and helpful for promoting OpenStreetMap.

  9. […] 2009 by mapguy Because of the interest on my post with the movies I have created to show OSM evolution in some locations in Romania, I have decided to write a tutorial with all the needed steps to […]

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